About us

Adario’s is a handmade local SA brand created by Brazilian artisan Vivian in 2019. Vivian has been inspired by nature since she can remember and started making floral arrangements as a hobby and a way to gift her loved ones with something special and unique.


Vivian’s philosophy uses Ikebana technique. Ikebana is the centuries-old Japanese art of arranging flowers. The practice, which roughly translates to “making flowers come alive,” uses carefully selected blossoms, greenery and other flora to convey a specific feeling or emotion to an observer – just
as a painting or sculpture might.

Amazing isn't it?

Vivian’s creations became so popular that it was only natural to turn it into a business. Adario’s was born and its offerings expanded to candles. With Vivian’s passion on each product, the first production of candles was sold within hours.


Adario’s collection continues to evolve as new aromas inspire Vivian to create products with such quality you will never shop anywhere else.