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Struggling to decide on the perfect gift? We have carefully curated and bundled a selection of our hand-made products so that you don't have to choose!


The perfect gift for yourself or someone else is here: An everlasting dried flower bouquet!


Organic Collection: These magical candles combine the healing powers of essential oils, crystals and our renowned Adario's aromas.


Adario's Soy Wax Candles are handmade in Australia using natural soy wax, high-quality fragrance oils and are 100% sustainable.


We can bring your wedding floral dreams to life, with bouquets and arrangements of our talented floral designer Vivian.


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Our Story

Adario’s is a handmade local SA brand created by Brazilian artisan Vivian in 2019. Vivian has been inspired by nature since
she can remember and started making floral arrangements as a hobby and a way to gift her loved ones with something special and unique.

Vivian’s philosophy uses Ikebana technique. Ikebana is the centuries-old Japanese art of arranging flowers. The practice, which roughly translates to “making flowers come alive,” uses carefully selected blossoms, greenery and other flora to convey a specific feeling or emotion to an observer – just as a painting or sculpture might.

Amazing isn't it?

Vivian’s creations became so popular that it was only natural to turn it into a business. Adario’s was born and its offerings expanded to candles. With Vivian’s passion on each product, the first production of candles was sold within hours.

Adario’s collection continues to evolve as new aromas inspire Vivian to create products with such quality you will never shop anywhere else.

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When you need that perfect addition to your home, this is the best place to find exactly what you need.

Adario's Organic Collection

Candles Handmade with: 100% Soy based Vegetable Wax, Wood Wick,
10% of Pure Essential Oil and a Crystal on the top.
100% vegan, and cruelty free.


It is stunning. The candle is so beautiful and the flowers are breathtaking. Thank you! Everyone needs to know how amazing you are.

Rebecca Thompson

Like an aromatic work of art, and they just keep burning

Kat Gruberart

Those flowers were such a big success this Mother's Day! Thank you for such a lovely work.

Ana Carolina Abreu

Today, was a close family members birthday, Adario's went above and beyond to create a gorgeous bouquet, as well as offered to deliver it. The flowers were a lovely surprise at work.

Jodi Jones

I love all of Adarios Candles! I always get my order in a few days and anyone that comes into my home always asks me how my house smells so good! I can't say enough. I’ve also bought the flower arrangements and Viv’s style is very unique! Such a talented girl!

Vanessa Nunes Abraham

Adario’s has the best candles and dry flowers that I’ve ever seen. The products offered are unique and sophisticated. I don’t have a favourite candle; all of them are amazing. Thanks for making the better products that I’ve seen.

Cintia Petry

Adario's candles are the best ones I have seen and I recommend you try a few different ones. I don't have a favourite because, to be honest, I like most of them. Came home with 9 candles today!

Celeste Lustosa

Adario's candles are unique not only because of their amazing fragrances but for their bright colours as well. Surely, they will add sophistication to any kind of decorating, thus connecting special moments with their smell that will last forever in our memories.

Julia Newton

Fabulous aromas! You can see how much love is involved for these candles. Definitely recommend the products. I always light one while practicing yoga at home,

Jade Ryan